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  • 2. When a user damages the Institute by violating the above prohibitions, the Institute has the right to demand compensation from the user.


  • 1. The utmost care is given to security on This Site. However, this does not guarantee the possibility of mistaken contents resulting from uncontrollable factors, such as falsification by a third party. The Japan Foundation does not bear responsibility for any damage to Users resulting from the use of This Site or the information on This Site.
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  • 6. In the event of a dispute arising between Users of This Site or Users and a third party, the concerned parties are to reach a settlement autonomously.

Legal Standards and Court Jurisdiction

The Terms and the privacy policy shall be subject to the laws of Japan. Any dispute between Users and the Japan Foundation relating to the services provided on This Site or The Terms shall be submitted to the Saitama District Court.

Privacy Policy

Special Notes for the EEA (European Economic Area) member countries [PDF / 147KB]

The opinions and feedback collected through "Inquiry" will be used as reference in the future operation and improvement of This Site. The e-mail address you have entered may be used by us to contact you. Note that we will not intentionally divulge information that could identify a specific person to any third party. However, this does not include the following three exceptions.

  • -Where required by laws or regulations.
  • -Where, at the time of providing their information, the provider of the information has given their consent for information to be disclosed, particularly to third parties.
  • -Where the processing of gathered information is outsourced to a contractor, to the extent required in order to perform the outsourced work.


The Japan Foundation adopts rational measures to prevent the accidental disclosure of collected information to a third party. Please understand, however, that the security measures taken by The Japan Foundation do not guarantee complete security regarding the leakage of information that can identify individual users, etc.

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