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Lesson 25Conveying What You Feel - Parting -

Basic skit

Lesson 25 Basic skit movie image

Erin makes a goodbye speech in the classroom.

Advanced skit

Lesson 25 Advanced skit movie image

They hold a farewell party at the host family's house.

Key phrases

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What's this?

Lesson 25 What's this? movie image

Let's see

Lesson 25 Let's see movie image

Wedding Ceremony
Ceremonial Occasions Quiz

Let's try

Lesson 25 Let's try movie image

Certificate of Merit

Develop vocabulary

Lesson 25 Develop vocabulary image

School Events / Picture Postcard

Learn onomatopoeia with manga

Lesson 25 Learn onomatopoeia with manga image

poroporo / shikushiku

Japanese around the world

Lesson 25 Japanese around the world movie image

Japan/ foreign teachers who teach Japanese around the world