Question:The website is not working for me?

Answer:When using a computer that does not meet the recommended environment, the webpage may not function properly. Please use the website after confirming the "Recommended Environment".

Question:The video subtitles do not display.

Answer: It may not be possible to display subtitles when using Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Please use the website from a recommended browser, such as Google Chrome and Safari.

Question:Can I access the website from a tablet or smartphone?

Answer:The website can be displayed on a tablet or smartphone.

Question:I cannot download the learning materials.

Answer:Please contact us using the inquiry form after confirming the type of device, operating system, browser and version that you are using. When downloading ZIP files, you must use a system that is applicable for ZIP files.

Question:I would like to download the videos of this website when teaching in my classroom.

Answer:Downloading the videos of this website is prohibited. Please watch the videos on this website.
As it is free to add a link, we welcome the linking of any of the pages.
When posting a link, if possible, please use the lower banner image.

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Question:How is this website different from the web version of "Erin's Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese." (web ver. Erin)?

Answer:In this website, you can see the web version of the videos of web ver. Erin in a bigger frame size. You can also comfortably watch the videos using a smartphone or tablet.
On the other hand, the web ver. Erin has special features of interactive contents using Flash, but these contents are not included in this website. Specific contents are as follows.

  1. (1) Review questions for <Basic skit> and <Advanced skit> corner.
  2. (2) Exercises for <Key phrases> corner.
  3. (3) Quizzes for the <What's this?> corner.
  4. (4) Culture quizzes for the <Let's see> corner.
  5. (5) Games for the <Let's try> corner.
  6. (6) Exercises for the <Develop vocabulary> corner.
  7. (7) User registration (My page/Study records/Rank List of Cultural Quizzes/Avatar/User Ranking/NIHONGONIHONGO Quest).

In addition, web ver. Erin is usable in 9 languages, but this website is only usable in Japanese and English. The subtitles of the video are available in 9 languages (Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, French, Indonesian, Thai).