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Lesson 18Comparing - 100-yen Shop -

Basic skit

Lesson 18 Basic skit movie image

Erin, Saki and Megumi buy picture frames at a 100 yen shop.

Advanced skit

Lesson 18 Advanced skit movie image

Kaoru and Megumi go to a candy shop.

Key phrases

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What's this?

Lesson 18 What's this? movie image

Let's see

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Inside the Bags of Senior High School Students
Japanese Tool Quiz

Let's try

Lesson 18 Let's try movie image

Beigoma (Spinning Top)

Develop vocabulary

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100 Yen Shop / Adjectives (2)

Learn onomatopoeia with manga

Lesson 18 Learn onomatopoeia with manga image

konkon / dondon

Japanese around the world

Lesson 18 Japanese around the world movie image

Turkey/ a person who uses Japanese at work