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Lesson 11Describing Order of Events - Hot Springs -

Basic skit

Lesson 11 Basic skit movie image

Erin goes to a hot spring inn with host father and mother.

Advanced skit

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Erin and host father play ping-pong at a hot spring inn.

Key phrases

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What's this?

Lesson 11 What's this? movie image

Let's see

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Hot Spring Ryokan Inn
Hot Spring Quiz

Let's try

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Wearing Yukata (Summer Kimono)

Develop vocabulary

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Hot Spring Inn / Verbs (3) ・Daily Activities

Learn onomatopoeia with manga

Lesson 11 Learn onomatopoeia with manga image

mokumoku / hokahoka

Japanese around the world

Lesson 11 Japanese around the world movie image

Kenya/ a college student who is studying Japanese